Sunday 2 December 2018


Over the past month we have been putting Aquaphor to the test. When I first read about it being the ointment for all, I did doubt it if I'm honest.

As I'm always hesitant to use anything on the boys, I started by using the product on my hands and nails, and I loved the results. Not too greasy, but saving my typical mum hands (spends too much time with hands in water, with cleaning products). Then I moved onto using it on my lips and face. Especially now the colder weather is here my lips are prone to splitting. Now it's a staple of my bedside table.
I have since also used it on the boys bum. Teething bums can be a nightmare, so this works as a fab barrier ointment. I pop it in our changing bag when we're out and about, for use on us all. 

Thank you Britmums and Aquaphor for selecting us!