Sunday 25 October 2020

PJ Masks: Toy Review AD

Harrison and Oliver were kindly gifted two fantastic sets from @Flair_GP; Romeo’s Flying Factory and the Gekko Mobile.

They’ve kept the boys hugely entertained. Please check out their demonstration photos below;

Control Centre with catch phrases from the show. It sits perfectly in the side cabin;

The shooter that fits in multiple locations and fires some distance (we lost under the sofa he first time!);

Pull the wing to release the front doors and launch the drone;

And finally the crane, which can also fit in multiple locations;

The only negative thing was the amount of cable ties on the packaging. With two demanding four year olds standing over me, it felt like a lifetime! Learn from me.. take it to another room 🙈

Here are some links below to pick up yours today;

PJ Masks Amazon Store -

PJ masks at Argos -,pj-masks/ 


Smyths - 


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  2. I remember Ellie absolutely loved her PJ Mask toys!