Saturday 27 February 2016

How Our Story Began

Well it was hardly the most romantic of Valentines days💗.  I'd had a stomach bug for 3 days already, and just felt dog rough😷. I was explaining to my mum that it must be food poisoning. I said I felt really light headed, and also had an overpowering need to burp continuously (gross eh!). In the next breath my mum said, "oh you couldn't be pregnant, could you? I got that everytime I was pregnant!" I instantly said no way, and moved on.

As the day went on, and the symptoms didn't seem to let up. Her words went around and around my head, over and over. I couldn't be...😕 right? I was told at 19 that I'd probably struggle to have children naturally, and would likely need to have fertility treatment.

The following day I took my sister, Hannah into work with me for a week of work experience. I spent the majority of the morning on the toilet. By 11am I had to leave work as I couldn't handle it anymore. On the journey home, I told my sister that I was actually considering the fact that I might actually be pregnant. But I was confused as I hadn't been sick, I just had an upset stomach.

The next day I felt the exact same, so I called in sick to work. That evening I sent my hubby to Tesco to get a pregnancy test, so we would know for sure. It was comical. I was in bed on the phone to him in the medicine isle. He was asking me which brand to buy? How many to buy? Then he clocked someone he knew, so he decided if he swung his arm quick enough it wouldn't be clear what he was holding. He then picked up milk and bread he could hide it in his basket. It was as if we were 16, not 26 and 27!😂

As you guessed.. IT WAS POSITIVE! We told our parents right away, as they all knew I'd been unwell for a while. They were under strict instructions to keep it a secret until we found out how far gone we were.

Concerned as to why I wasn't experiencing "normal" symptoms I got an emergency appointment at my GP doctors surgery. She instantly sent me to Lister hospital with a suspected ectopic pregnancy. We were there past midnight on a ward with a drip in my arm.

They confirmed we were pregnant, and booked me in for a scan the following Monday. It was the LONGEST weekend ever! Over the weekend the sickness and nausea truly started. 

When we returned to Lister hospital, we were so pleased that there were so many seats available, and wondered why everyone was sat to one side of the room (the opposite side to us). As instructed, I was trying to drink LOADS of water. Both of us started looking around the room, and at the same second the penny dropped for us both... we were in the sexual health clinic... sat right in the window... Gavin found himself touching my tummy, and speaking louder to make it clear that we didn't have the clap!

We were called into a side room, and I remember feeling the sensation like I was going to burst from all the water! The next thing I remember was the sonographer saying everything was fine. She found a strong heartbeat.  The sigh of relief was insane.  Then remembered I couldn't relax too much - I'd probably pee myself. Then she said, "How big is your car?" I answered confused, "Small, A polo".  Thinking she meant for a buggy. She laughed and turned the screen towards us and said "here's the second baby!" We were stunned! We had been blessed with not just one healthy baby, but two! 😚 She then said we were about 6.5 weeks gone, and that it would be a rough road ahead. Twins come within double the sickness, and many many more appointments. 

Both of us walked stunned back to the car. What does that future have in store for us?

Sunday 14 February 2016

Welcome To Our Journey

We are a married couple from England, expecting identical twin boys due October 2016! 
We started an Instagram, a Twitter, and now a blog to document the journey into parenthood and beyond! You can expect to see scans, money-saving pregnancy ideas, baby and maternity clothing, pregnancy tips and so much more!
So, go ahead and follow along. You can reach us on:
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