Thursday 25 October 2018

Olay Daily Facials Review

Olay kindly gifted my a box of Daily Dacials to put to the test. I've always been a fan of Olay skincare products, so was super excited to take part. 

As mentioned before, I struggle to fit self care into my busy schedule. These make it super easy, and I have seen an improvement in my skin. 

Perfect product for all new mama bears! Go try them out ❤️

Sunday 21 October 2018

Nimble Sticky Stopper Review

Over the past week we have been putting @nimblebabies Sticky Stopper to the test. We love it ❤️ it removes all the nasty greasy and sticky mess the boys leave after meal times, and also kills 99.9% of bacteria without using bleach. Meaning it’s safe for a whole load of other things, like cleaning their toys, changing mats, highchairs, bibs. This is a must have 🏠❤️

Want to buy? Use code: NimbleCraigTwins20


Friday 5 October 2018

Will we have more children?

Since the boys have turned two, the question on everyones lips is, when are we going go have another?

Right now we are living in a two bedroom home, so it isn't feasible. But I'd like to hope one day in the future we'd have another. Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to be blessed with my boys, especially after being told we'd struggle to conceive, and would have to go down the route of fertility treatment. But there is still a part of me that doesn't feel like we've completed our family just yet. I always say if money was no object, I'd have 6! Yes I said 6! I'd also like to adopt. Gav and I had always discussed the possibility of adopting when we knew about my fertility problems. Obviously we don't have a big house, with thousands in the bank, but we can all dream. 

I have only really come to terms with all that we have dealt with for the past three years. Going from thinking we'd struggle to have babies, then having the amazing surprise that I was pregnant, then to find out it was two babies, and then to have the realisation that it was classified as a high risk pregnancy. 

I don't believe that we let ourselves ever really process or fully attach ourselves of fear of something going wrong. It's not something I've really mentioned on here before, but there is a 10.5 year age gap between me and my sister. My poor parents suffered many miscarriages and my brother 'Nicholas' who was still born at 24 weeks. Nicholas was also a twin, which my mum had miscarried earlier on in the pregnancy. I can't even imagine what my parents went through, but from a very young age I was very aware that it wasn't easy bringing a child into the world. 

We decided we wanted to wait to 18 weeks to announce we were expecting to friends and extended family. We had gone awol for a while, so I knew our friends would start asking questions. 

Throughout the whole pregnancy we always said "if we", rather than "when we". We waited until the very final weeks to buy the essentials, and they were delivered to my grandparents, as I couldn't have them here. 

I left work for maternity leave at 33 weeks, as my c-section had been booked for 36 weeks. I knew we had a couple of weeks to get bits washed and set up, but of course the boys had other ideas and arrived prematurely at 34 weeks. It meant I never really got the "nesting" time, as we just did the bare minimum to cover ourselves. 

It sounds really ungrateful, but I feel robbed of the pregnancy. I had the rubbish of HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum), but none of the nice bits. No-one ever said I was glowing! I would have liked to have had a baby shower, to have felt comfortable documenting my pregnancy (with weekly bump pics and cute purchases), and the time to mentally process coming to terms with becoming a parent and my life changing forever. 

Then after the boys were born I felt like I was robbed of those first moments after they were born. They were whipped away, without even a seconds glance. 

I hope by having another, I can hopefully enjoy it a bit more, and allow ourselves to get excited.