Thursday 16 January 2020

How To Deep Clean Your Pushchair (Using No Harsh Chemicals)

To give you a little background. When the building work finished early December, we had lots of stuff still hanging about, so we were using the car to take the stuff to the dump. We popped our double pram in a nearby garage to we could use the boot. Then we had all the hospital trips etc, and we were taking the singles. 

Today we popped there to pick some of our bits to bring back here, and we saw it. It was so mouldy. I could've cried! I thought I'd share what I did in case any one else is ever caught in the same situation.
To be honest, it possibly went away damp (when is it not raining!). It always had food caught in the seats. There was sand, suncream... you name it!

I pushed it back to ours, and got straight in the car and headed to B&M Bargains. I picked up a bottle of Stardrops white vinegar spray (79p), a bottle of elbow grease (89p) and a pack bicarbonate of soda (99p). 
When I got home, I initially brushed the whole thing down with a dry scrubbing brush. Most the the mould same off instantly, so that showed me the mould was more on the surface.
Then I sprayed every inch of it in the vinegar. The vinegar will kill any bacteria growing. I made it pretty wet, and then used another hard brush to really give it a good scrub. I did remove the sun canopy for ease of getting into all the areas.
I then sprinkled bicarbonate of soda all over. It's a natural deodoriser, so takes the nasty vinegar smells away. I then left it outside to dry on for a while. After a while I then vacuumed the whole thing, sucking up all the bicarb, sand, food still suck in the nooks etc. At this point it looked pretty good to be honest. It hadn't got the greasy suncream marks off though, and I wanted to know it was 100% okay.

I brought it inside, and focused my attention to the marks that had been on it a while. I sprayed a little elbow grease on the suncream marks, and used a clean cloth to wipe. 

Finally I used my steam cleaner, with the upholstery tool (which I hadn't used before) and popped a little Zoflora into the water canister. I put it on the hottest setting, and I went over and over,spending a lot of time on the straps etc. I filled the canister twice. Once the fabric was done, I did all the metal, handles, foot rests, wheels...
The newer version is currently on Amazon for £36.99 #aff
Tap the photo to view!
Honestly I can't believe how good it looks. It honestly looks brand new! We have a company where I live that charges almost what I paid for this buggy to give it a similar treatment. I'm going to give the single buggies a similar treatment next!
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  1. Our stroller is overdue for a cleaning, thank you for this! I’m going to clean ours this weekend.

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  3. Hi. Fantastic tips on how to clean a pushchair! We see a lot of buggies coming to us - in need of a deep clean because of mould, vinegar is great for getting it out.