Saturday 11 August 2018

Weaning Essentials

Doddl Cutlery

We were kindly gifted these Doddl Cutlery Sets for the boys. On first glance I thought they looked pretty funky, but couldn't see what they'd necessarily offer over what they already had. My goodness I was so wrong!

For a while the boys have been really struggling to get to grips with feeding themselves, so often I would take over to speed the process up. 

I started them with the spoon, and they took to it so so well. Due to the shorter length handle and the clear hand positioning they suddenly started getting food from bowl to mouth, and rarely dropping anything. 

The next meal I tried giving them a fork, and again they managed to self feed themselves pasta. Usually it's stressful as they look awkward, and I continually have to move their hands into the right position to prevent losing eyes. These forks stop all that :)

We haven't started in the knife yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before we're ready. 

Couldn't recommend them enough!