Tuesday 28 May 2019

The Craig's Visit... Shepreth Wildlife Park

Last Tuesday we visited Shepreth Wildlife Park. Now I’m not going to over egg it, it’s no Woburn, but it’s a good day out for parents with toddler age children.  There’s no glitz and glamour, but Ollie and Harry loved every minute!

Everything was accessible to them at their height. 

There’s a choice of two soft plays, a huge outside play area and sandpit. And obviously the animals. 

We went midweek in term time, and it was very quiet. There’s plenty of picnic benches scattered around the park. You can buy food on site, but we always tend to pack a picnic for days out. It ensures the boys definitely eat, and saves us a lot of money.

The gift shop at the end sold the boys favourite pick N mix, so we got sucked into buying 10 for £3.50 (which I don't think is too bad).

Monday 27 May 2019

AD | Reviewing Footer Socks

*DISCLAIMER - if you don't like reading/seeing anything gross, stop reading now!*

Over the past couple of years I've seen exfoliating socks posts floating around social media, but the reviews have always been either absolutely amazing, or absolutely rubbish.

I have been embarrassed of my feet, particularly my heels, so was super excited to put the Footer Socks to the test. 

Firstly you have to sit with them on for an hour, so I did have to wait for the boys to be completely settled, so I could sit down risk free. 

I decided to use them as part of my Friday night pamper ritual. They have quite a strong medical type smell, and for about 5 minutes I felt my feet tingle and then nothing. 

After the hour was up I washed it off, and went to bed. The next day my feet just felt incredible dry. It's very important not to moisturise them as it can slow down the process. 

3 days passed and nothing. I have to be honest I was gutted, and cringing at the idea of having to write a bad review. Then Tuesday morning I was in the shower and I noticed a bubble form on one of my feet. By the afternoon more small bubbles were forming. After the disappointment on the Monday I had watched some youtube reviews, where people mentioned that they had made themselves sore by picking at them too early, so I kept my socks on overnight and hoped they would also catch any loose skins 😷. 

The next morning it was everything I had hoped. I was the most satisfying thing to do! I could literally pull off massive chunks. The boys were my typical commentary "oh no mummy! YUCK!"  I needed to share the satisfaction with all my family, so photos and videos were shared A LOT!

The complete process for me took two weeks. I love my baby soft feet, and it's something I'll try and do every other month. 

Although my item was gifted to me, in return for a review. Since sharing the photos/videos with my family, my mum, dad and sister have all purchased them through Amazon. Get yours here!

Thanks for reading!

Monday 6 May 2019

AD | GoBoat Day Out

Last Sunday we had a fantastic day out in London. We were kindly invited by Go Boat to experience their 2 hour self-drive powered boats. We were able to take up to 8 people, so we took along Nannie, Papa and Auntie Hannah (especially for extra hands on children😂). 

When we arrived the boys were fitted with a special baby size life jacket, and then we were given a tutorial of how to use the boat. Gav was the appointed captain. There are adult life jackets on board, if you so wish to wear one.

The experience is perfect for all ages. The boys really enjoyed pointing at everything along the way. You even see the warthog at London Zoo! 

There is a really handy placed M&S a stones throw away, meaning you don't have to lug a picnic around London beforehand. Even the Prosecco was only £8 per bottle #winning!

We were so lucky with the weather, but they do think of everything at Go Boat, and there were even umbrellas on board! I'm hoping we will visit again when the sun is shining, and sip Pimms rather than hot chocolate!

Thank you Go Boat for an amazing day! #gifted