Monday 2 September 2019

Our Engagement Story

Everyone always to know how eventful or uneventful the occasion was, so here's our little story.

When did it happen?
29th April 2013

Were you expecting it?
No, not at all! I would’ve hated that!

Where did it happen?

How did it happen?
Well of course this is the funny part. We had been sold a bit of a dud by Thomas Cook. Our Barcelona city break. Actually ended up being a Calella beach holiday (50 mins away). We also had to walk 20 mins to the train station. On our first full day we had decided to travel in and do some site seeing. The forecast was horrendous, and not long after we arrived the heavens opened. We were prepared and brought our very sexy rain coats. We knew we were getting wet no matter what, so we jumped onto an open top site seeing bus and endured the rain. We had on head phones, and I remember giggling hard over the focus on how many people died from trams. We didn’t get off at every stop, but the rain stopped as we reached the Sagrada Familia, so we got off to explore. 

There is a park opposite that was empty, so Gav suggested that we could get some great photos. I've popped a map above, so you can visualise it. We entered on the left, and within seconds, out of nowhere, a group of Asian tourists swarmed arounds us. Along the park crescent shaped path, there were little breaks for picturesque photos. We kept moving round to the next one, and within seconds the Asian group were there. After the fourth attempt it became almost like a comedy sketch, or hidden camera show. Gav was getting really aggregated by them, but I just thought Gav was desperate for a good photo! I suggested that we sat on the *very wet* bench and wait for them to move along. We sat and that’s when Gav started rummaging through his pockets on the inside his rain coat. He then explained that we was waiting for a quiet moment to ask, and at that moment he pulled out a ring, and asked me to marry him. I was in complete shock, and of course I said yes! And I know what you’re thinking was he on knee? And the answer is no. It was wet and muddy for starters, but also it’s just not Gav and I. We hate being centre of attention. I loved that we had this very intimate moment, people were around but they had no idea. 

We then continued on the bus tour, and I could tell that Gav suddenly relaxed. The ring was too big, but I didn’t care. I already wore a ring on my right hand that Gav had brought me for our first Valentines Day together as a promise ring, so I popped it on top of the engagement ring to hold it on. 

Just so you know, he got down on one knee and did it properly back in our hotel that evening. I felt on absolute cloud nine! We kept it to ourselves that night, almost as our little secret. Then the next morning we told our parents. 

Of course the following day the weather was beautiful, and we actually got very burnt on the beach. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t of had it any other way! If you can ask someone to marry you, in their Regatta Rain Coat, whilst looking like a drowned rat, you absolutely know it’s true love! 

What’s the ring like?
Well the ring he proposed with was a cheap Argos ring. He immediately said that he wanted me to choose one with him when we got home. As I said the ring was huge, and was brought on a bit of a whim by Gav, as he decided he needed the gesture when asking me. When he brought it, they told him it was on special, but one get one half price. Gav made it clear that he wouldn’t be asking anyone ever again😆 To be fair, most ladies would probably of said no to an Argos £5.99 ring, but I would’ve been happy no matter what! 

What's your proposal story? If you write a piece, be sure to tag me so I can read yours too.

Thanks for reading!

Much love xxx