Wednesday 20 April 2016

Our 3rd scan (20 Apr '16)

Now we were 16 weeks, we had to go under Lister Hospital as we were under a consultant lead team. We walked into a waiting room with lots of expectation parents. I queued for ages (bursting for a pee) to checked in at the reception desk, but was advised we were in the wrong place - typical😓. We were sent across the hall. This waiting room was much much smaller. There was only a handful of women. That's when it dawned on me. We were REALLY high risk. We were at a risk of getting something called TTTS. I made a conscious effort not to google it. Of course my husband, in laws and parents had, but I told them not to tell me anything. I was stressed enough as it was!

This appointment was very different to our 12 week scan. There wasn't any loving comments about the babies. It was VERY medical. We weren't really involved in the conversations. A team of 5 wrote down various measurements, and they recorded their heartbeats. We kept asking, "Is that okay?" But of course, THEY WERE PERFECT!

We were only 16 weeks, but we thought it was worth asking the sex. Our "Harry and Ollie" since our first scan at 6 weeks, might have needed to be rethought. The consultant answered, "Chaps...!" 👶👶We were delighted! 😍

Our Perfect boys!

Saturday 9 April 2016

Reviewing A Home Doppler

Angel Sounds Doppler
Tesco had on their baby event, so I was able to pick one of these up relatively cheaply.

I know everyone says it can cause more stress if you can't find a heartbeat, but in the early stages I drove myself mad enough not knowing! The sound was really clear, and it allowed my family to all hear the babies. 

Unfortunately I could never get the recording part of it to work, but nonetheless I don't regret this purchase at all.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Our 2nd Scan (05 Apr '16)

Our Dating/Nuchal Scan (5th April 2016)
Between our last appointment and this I feared everyday that went past.  Every time I went to the toilet I would panic that something might be wrong, and do what I call the wipe and breathe. Although apprehensive, we were crazy excited. It was the first time we were able to see something that looked like actual babies, and hopefully have a photo to take home and show our family.

For our 12 week scan we went to the QEII hospital in Welwyn. Gavin picked me up from work, and by this point I'd learnt to have a stash of nappy sacks in my handbag to vomit in. The sickness started around 5am, then continued whilst I bathed before work (yes it floated), on the way to work (nappy sack between my legs), in the carpark (I think you get the idea), and then all the way through until I went to sleep at night.

Of course I was sick numerous times on the journey there, and then I was having to try to put back the water I was sicking up so my bladder would be full.

Then we went through for our scan. There they were again... Those 2 perfect heartbeats. Another phew moment for another few weeks!  The midwife and sonographer were so stunned by their energy already. They were kicking each other, and had everyone in stitches.  They also made us slightly further gone than initially thought (a VERY pleasant surprise). We were 13 weeks and 5 days.

Our Two Babies whispering to each other 
The boys kicked each other throughout the scan. 
Baby below even has his fists up!