Friday 7 October 2016

Reviewing Disposable Breast Pads

I initially found the world of breast pads overwhelming. Here’s what I thought of the disposable brands I tried..
Superdrug - 99p for 26. Best value for money! 2/5
Positives - The whole ‘My Little Star’ range is great from a price prospective. They do extra deals online, making items even cheaper! The pads do exactly what they should, and they even have an adhesive sticky tab to keep in place in bra.  
Negatives - Adhesive wears off after a few hours, and suddenly the pad can make an appearance out of the top of your bra. Also not as absorbent as others on the market, so you may need to change more regularly. 
Boots - £2.79 for 36. Highly recommended! 3/5
Positives - Sitting in the mid-range price range, amongst my mummy friends these come highly recommended. I found them extremely absorbent, and the adhesive tab to kept in place securely. 
Negatives - The materiel feels a little cheaper, and when wet the layers separated. 
Lansinoh - £5.69 for 60. Perfect for hospital bag! 4/5
Positive - After receiving a sample in my Emma’s Diary pack, these were the ones I initially purchased. I was pleased by their overall performance of absorbency, and they are individually wrapped which is brilliant for throwing in your handbag/changing bag. 
Negative - The cost put me off purchasing this item again. 
Avent - £4.50 for 30. Costly Comfort! 2/5
Positives - Very absorbent, and extremely comfortable. 
Negatives - Although they are very comfortable, but they are a bit too thick. When wearing some of my thin maternity bras, it’s thick round shape leaves nothing to the imagination. Also I can’t justify its higher price bracket.  
Johnson’s - £3.98 for 30. My favourite! 4/5
Positives - Firmer, shaped pads with nipple indents. I found these the mostly comfortable, and stayed in place well. They weren’t as absorbent the Lansinoh ones, but it served the duration I required. 
Negatives - Not individually wrapped, so become misshapen when thrown into changing bag.