Hey there, We're the Craig's! 

I'm Hayley and that's my husband Gavin. We've been together for 10 years, and we got married July '14. 

My husband and I knew there was a significant risk that we'd be unable to conceive, especially without fertility treatment. We decided to throw ourselves into our jobs and stretch ourselves into getting a mortgage so we could have our own home.  We would look into IVF down the road.

But to our surprise, just six months later we fell naturally with our beautiful identical twins Oliver and Harrison, born 26th August 2016.  We usually refer to them as Ollie & Harry, but when they become high flying doctors or solicitors they need the professional name right?! 😂

Gavin works shifts, but during his time off we love to spend as much family time together as possible. Gavin loves all things BBQs. He isn't any fair weather barbecuer, instead he whips us up tasty meals all year round. He's also a keen motorcyclist, and his bike is definitely his 3rd child. 

I have recently began to work part-time from home, after leaving my job after 8 years. It has allowed me to spend so much more time with the boys, and enjoy family time so much more. I love bargain hunting, baking, arts and crafts, interior design, and family days out. 

I hope you enjoy reading our journey through parenthood, and our many adventures along the way!

Happy reading! 💙💛