Wednesday 31 July 2019

Carters Steam Fair Review

We were kindly invited to the Carters Steam Fair. Unfortunately Gavin was working, but my amazing sister joined us for some serious fun in the sun! From the second we arrived I felt like I was taken back in time. It had some serious 'Heart Beat' type vibes. The music was fantastic, and the smell of steam was terribly nostalgic (even though I wasn't even born back then!)

We were kindly #gifted passes to go on the rides. Ollie's going through a very anxious phase at the moment, and takes time to warm to things. Where on the other hand, Harry up for anything. Harry initially rode the cars. The details on all the rides were stunning. You can clearly see how much they care for their rides.

Ollie then warmed up and they both rode the train. The ride were really good value for money. The rides went round many many times. We've been places in the past when it's done two rotations and it's over. We've often queued for longer. 

Entry is free, but token must be purchased. Rides vary between 4-6 tokens per ride. They are 50p each token, but there are deals for buying certain amounts. Definitely check online before you go.

Obviously we didn't ride any of the big thrill rides with the boys, but we enjoyed watching from the side, whilst eating our candy floss!

See the show dates below, and catch them near you!

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Sunday 28 July 2019

What's in our changing bag? *Updated version*

As most of you are aware, we have been potty training the twins. Harry is super good, but Ollie isn't doing that well. I always thought we'd end up taking less out with us, but at the moment we're carrying the most in a long time.

We were kindly gifted a new cross-body duffle changing bag from Babycchinos “the baby Sussex”, priced at £60. ‘This bag is a limited edition changing bag commissioned by Babycchinos London to celebrate the arrival of baby Archie. This bag is inspired by their Bucket zip family, this duffel bag has the same convenient free-standing frame which keeps the bag open, whilst you get in and out of the bag with one hand.’ 

It's absolutely gorgeous, and I love the gold detailing. 

It has loads of pockets to keep us organised, so I thought I'd share what we have inside...

In the big front pocket I keep the sun lotions. We have to apply frequently on Harry's birthmark, so it's always in easy reach.

I keep the changing mat in the back pocket at the back, and even though I may not be changing nappies whilst out anymore, it's handy when changing wet clothes in the boot etc.

The big middle section is where everything else is. The is 2 pockets on side, and 3 on the other, with also a zipped pocket. 

  • The zip pocket is where I pop my bits (tissues, paracetamol etc). 
  • Top - left to right, 1) we like the 'Dry Like Me' pads with a couple of oat snack bars, 2) many pairs of spare pants, and 3) huggies swim nappies.
  • Mid section - UV suits, spare leggings, first aid kit, beach powder, nappies (for naps) and wipes.
  • Bottom - left to right, 1) nappy sacks, and 2) Klean Kanteen straws, Alcohol gel and Mini-U Hairbrush.

And finally the side pockets are where we store the boys drinks, and snacks. They don't last long with my boys!

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Disclaimer: All items with a website link were items #gifted to me. They are NOT affiliate links.  

Sunday 21 July 2019

ByHappyMe Personalised Cutlery

The boys were kindly gifted a set of personalised cutlery each @ByHappyMe_UK 
They come beautifully packaged and wrapped. They’d be ideal to giveaway as a thoughtful gift, that you know will get lots of use out of them. 

Each item has a different animal, and the engraving is perfect. You can even choose your font type. I went for comic sans, in the boys shortened names Ollie and Harry. 

Monday 15 July 2019

Snuggle Seat Review

We were kindly #gifted these Snuggle Seats. When they initially reached out to me I was surprised as I thought they were designed for newborns. They quickly explained that they actually continue to be suitable right up until 8 years old. 

The top is interchangeable as your child develops (the black part on ours). The harness version easily unzips on the side and changes for a blank version.

I will be holding onto the harness covers, just in case we have another child. The harness is brilliant, and can be undone quick and easily one handed.

They are available in a whole range of colours, but we chose these as I thought black would less likely show up dirty fingers, and will pretty much go with any colour of bedroom. I can't wait for their room to be finished, and they can have them in there next to their books shelf. 

This is the link to ours, but other colours are available:

They are currently on sale for £29.99-39.99, so be quick!

Sunday 14 July 2019

AD | Paultons Park Review

We had such a fantastic HOT day at Paultons Park. 

When we arrived we headed straight to Peppa Pig World, as the boys had enjoyed it so much last time. No queues were longer than 20 minutes, which I was surprised about for a weekend. Every ride is that area is perfect for the boys age group.

That weekend they also had special visitors of the PJ Masks.  I felt for them in the costumes in the boiling heat! The boys throughly enjoyed doing the movements and actions with them. 

We then headed off to explore the rest of the park. The boys were tall enough to ride Critter Creek and the Raging River Ride. Ollie did cling on to me for dear life, but it was great doing them as a family.

The boys favourite was the digger ride, as they could do it on their own. They literally did it 5/6 times :)

We have filmed a vlog whilst visiting, so I'll try and get that edited and uploaded ASAP.

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Saturday 13 July 2019

AD | Paradise Wildlife Park

On Monday 24th June we visited Paradise Wildlife Park. I'd say it was only within the past couple of years that I first became aware of the park. I didn't really know much about, other than it was reasonably local. 

We arrived, and headed to the birds and tortoise section first. The boys LOVED watching the tortoise wonder about. One thing I must say is that every section has a great photo opportunity spot, and the kids loved it. Check out Ollie's shell :)

We then walked through into the main park, and walked around the animals. I was not expecting the huge variety. I don't think there is an animal I can think of that wasn't here. My favourite animals are penguins, so I was pleased! The boys adored them all.

There was plenty of picnic benches dotted around the park, which we used twice. Once in the morning for a mid morning snack, and later for our lunch. We did bring a picnic with us, purely to ensure the boys would eat. There are plenty of options within the park if you choose not to though. 

The dinosaurs were phenomenal! I couldn't believe how realistic they were. They all moved, and reacted as you walked by. I previously wrote this on my Instagram post, but it's so true. They were so good we could've been in Walt Disney World. Ollie of course was terrified, so Gav ended up carrying him most of the time. At the end the boys played in the fossil hunt sandpit.

There was also a couple of fantastic play parks, a soft play and even a splash park. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be so good! We couldn't have asked for more!

Thank you so much PWP for #gifting us this visit. We had an absolute brilliant, filled with many many laughs. 

I vlogged our visit, so go check it out here..

Wednesday 10 July 2019

AD | Knebworth House

I have lived within a 15 minute drive of Knebworth house all my life, but I'd never actually been. We drive past it frequently, especially when I was pregnant with the boys as it's en route to the hospital. 

They kindly invited us to the Peppa Pig and George event on the Sunday 23rd June. It has the most beautiful grounds, and loads of parking. We first headed to meet Peppa and George. I knew from previous experiences, Ollie would leg it and Harry would be up front. Thankfully I had my parents there also as an extra pair of hands, and my sister was on photography duties. They gave all the children plenty of time, which was lovely. Also the weather was perfect, so the children were all patiently waiting. 

After that we headed to the gardens and dinosaur trail, where for the event they also had a special Peppa Scavenger hunt. There was a wedding being set up in the middle of the stunning gardens. 

We then all went through the maze. We did all have a good laugh in there! Then we walked around all the amazing dinosaurs. The boys were in complete awe. 

When we'd finished walking round, we then took the vintage bus to the outside of the grounds, where the park was based. The boys LOVED every second on that bus, and would of happily rode it all day.

I'm always apprehensive when it comes to parks, as often mine are too small and I end up having to lift and carry the whole time. But it was brilliant. Gav and I were able to follow them round, and climb on the apparatus ourselves. 

We then walked across to the infamous drop slide. I had a sneaky suspicion that they would be too small for it, which they were. But they had the most fabulous astro slide, which was perfect for them. The boys thought it was brilliant. We did have tears when I said we were moving on.

We then let them have a turn on the bouncy castle. This is where my face expression looks absolutely terrified on the big kids jumping next to my babies, but they were absolutely fine. I think Bouncy Castle for the boys birthday is a must.

We finally took the bus back to the House and got the boys an ice cream. They loved running around the large open space, whilst we enjoyed a little sit down.

Thank you so much Knebworth House for inviting us. Without visiting, I wouldn't have known half of what they had to offer. We will defy be back!

PS. I did also film a vlog whilst we were there. CHECK IT OUT HERE -!

Sunday 7 July 2019

AD | Our Journey to Paultons Park

On Saturday 29th June, we were invited to Paultons Park. Rather than staying overnight the night before, we set off from out home in St Albans in the morning. We hadn't had breakfast so we did stop on route for a cheeky McDonalds brekkie. Who doesn't love a sausage and egg McMuffin, and OMG the hash browns.. anyway I digress. 

The boys were kindly gifted products to keep them entertained on the journey. Our packs included:

It was the hottest day of the year yet, so everyone was on the M25 heading the beaches along the south coast. The journey took about 3 hours, but the boys were content for the whole journey with their bag of goodies.

The drink bottles kept their drinks cool. The pillows were brilliant for them to take a little nap on route. The books are absolutely lovely. It's actually really nice that they can each hold a book, whilst I read it aloud. The dinosaurs have been the boys favourite since I opened the box, and pretty much come everywhere with them ever since. The Amazon tablet is great. Loaded with age appropriate apps. The Peppa Pig finger puppets make the boys imaginations shine. The belly laugh with each other. We didn't end up using the snap or colouring set on the journey, but were have since we've been home. In the car I think the boys would've needed to be a little older, or had a lap tray for those. 

If your planning a long journey with your children, please check out the items above :)

Thank you so much to all the companies that #gifted us the items.

..Our Paultons Park review is coming soon!

Monday 1 July 2019

Our Neilson Airone Italy Holiday

Back in 2015 (pre-children) we went to the Neilson Sivota site, and it was one of the best holidays we've ever been on. We always said they we'd love to do it again. We have received the newsletters ever since. Last year we noticed that new sites were opening in various locations. We kept looking up prices, but unlike other holiday companies, you pay for babies. It seemed really expensive, especially going from 2 to 4. Once the boys turned 2 we had to pay for them no matter what. We did some research and Airone seemed one of the most family friendly, especially as Sivota had A LOT of steps!

One of the most important things for me is good food and my goodness they did not fail! So much choice. Fantastic quality and very tasty. I've gained a fair bit of weight, but it was so worth it! 
They are club board, which means breakfast and lunch is included everyday, and 4 evening meals. 

They then offer dinner on the other 3 nights in their bar. To give an idea of cost, a calzone was 9 euro. The inclusive meals included a bottle of water (still or sparking), with juices for breakfast. Of course you can purchase other drinks as extra cost. 

There is also a bar of the beach and one by the pool. They serve ice creams. They varied from 1-3 euro each. 

The staff across the restaurants and bars were VERY attentive, and literally couldn't do enough for you.

We stayed in one of the garden rooms, which are separate from the main hotel. They were amazingly clean (and I'm picky), and it worked for us. The bathroom had temple spa products, which I love!

As we were on the ground floor we had an open type of balcony. It included a seating area, which was super handy when the boys were napping. The airer was also a godsend! We covered the front in sand everyday, and the cleaners managed to clear it up every day!

The pool was huge, and always quiet. They was a section for lane swimming, and then the rest was free swimming. The boys adored the pool.

The beach was separated from the main site by a row of pine trees. The beach is private for the hotel. To the right is all the boating equipment, and to the left is the sunbeds and umbrellas. There was always loads available, and the staff were always quick to put up the umbrella for us.

Kids Club
I think 'Kids Club' makes it sound so much less than it is. It's seriously fantastic! On the first day the kids are provides with a rash vest, hat and bag. They are great quality (Zoggs) and ideal for the type of holiday.


The club runs 9.30-5.30 and 2.30-11.30 on Tuesdays and Thursday. They have an itinerary up everyday, and your child can come and go as they please. They do so much with them, including swimming, sailing, kayaking, painting... Ours were in the 'Sea Urchins' group, which officially is 2-4 years but the group was large, so they were in a group of just 2 year olds. On the first day the boys wouldn't leave, when we went to fill in the paperwork. The second day Ollie had a proper meltdown. There Nanny (or Manny) Alfie was amazing. He cuddled, read stories as distraction, and 15 minutes later we'd see them walking off to the beach holding hands and smiles all round. 
The main feature to a Neilson holiday is that all the activities are included. You can do as much or as little as you like. You can sign up to classes to learn the basics, or extend your knowledge. Or you can just go out freestyle. As I was unfortunately feeling so unwell, we opted for freestyle, so I could go out when I was feeling okay. We did SUP'ing and kayaking. We even took the boys out kayaking too.

The Spa
After feeling pretty lousy, we decided to have a little pamper out of the sun for a while. Gavin had a back massage, and I had a pedicure. I would've had a massage too, but I was concerned about not being able to wipe my nose! I had a lovely chat with the beautician. Afterwards they have a lovely little room where you can chill out. It was a lovely experience. 

Even with us all being pretty unwell, it was a fantastic holiday. It certainly will not be our last, and I'm excited to visit another site.

Keep your eyes out on our YouTube. I'll vlog will be coming soon!

Thank you for reading! xxx