Wednesday 10 July 2019

AD | Knebworth House

I have lived within a 15 minute drive of Knebworth house all my life, but I'd never actually been. We drive past it frequently, especially when I was pregnant with the boys as it's en route to the hospital. 

They kindly invited us to the Peppa Pig and George event on the Sunday 23rd June. It has the most beautiful grounds, and loads of parking. We first headed to meet Peppa and George. I knew from previous experiences, Ollie would leg it and Harry would be up front. Thankfully I had my parents there also as an extra pair of hands, and my sister was on photography duties. They gave all the children plenty of time, which was lovely. Also the weather was perfect, so the children were all patiently waiting. 

After that we headed to the gardens and dinosaur trail, where for the event they also had a special Peppa Scavenger hunt. There was a wedding being set up in the middle of the stunning gardens. 

We then all went through the maze. We did all have a good laugh in there! Then we walked around all the amazing dinosaurs. The boys were in complete awe. 

When we'd finished walking round, we then took the vintage bus to the outside of the grounds, where the park was based. The boys LOVED every second on that bus, and would of happily rode it all day.

I'm always apprehensive when it comes to parks, as often mine are too small and I end up having to lift and carry the whole time. But it was brilliant. Gav and I were able to follow them round, and climb on the apparatus ourselves. 

We then walked across to the infamous drop slide. I had a sneaky suspicion that they would be too small for it, which they were. But they had the most fabulous astro slide, which was perfect for them. The boys thought it was brilliant. We did have tears when I said we were moving on.

We then let them have a turn on the bouncy castle. This is where my face expression looks absolutely terrified on the big kids jumping next to my babies, but they were absolutely fine. I think Bouncy Castle for the boys birthday is a must.

We finally took the bus back to the House and got the boys an ice cream. They loved running around the large open space, whilst we enjoyed a little sit down.

Thank you so much Knebworth House for inviting us. Without visiting, I wouldn't have known half of what they had to offer. We will defy be back!

PS. I did also film a vlog whilst we were there. CHECK IT OUT HERE -!

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  1. I used to love visiting place like this just to walk around the stunning grounds. Sounds like you had a fab time. Peppa Pig scavenger hunt sounds fun! X