Monday 15 July 2019

Snuggle Seat Review

We were kindly #gifted these Snuggle Seats. When they initially reached out to me I was surprised as I thought they were designed for newborns. They quickly explained that they actually continue to be suitable right up until 8 years old. 

The top is interchangeable as your child develops (the black part on ours). The harness version easily unzips on the side and changes for a blank version.

I will be holding onto the harness covers, just in case we have another child. The harness is brilliant, and can be undone quick and easily one handed.

They are available in a whole range of colours, but we chose these as I thought black would less likely show up dirty fingers, and will pretty much go with any colour of bedroom. I can't wait for their room to be finished, and they can have them in there next to their books shelf. 

This is the link to ours, but other colours are available:

They are currently on sale for £29.99-39.99, so be quick!

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