Sunday 28 July 2019

What's in our changing bag? *Updated version*

As most of you are aware, we have been potty training the twins. Harry is super good, but Ollie isn't doing that well. I always thought we'd end up taking less out with us, but at the moment we're carrying the most in a long time.

We were kindly gifted a new cross-body duffle changing bag from Babycchinos “the baby Sussex”, priced at £60. ‘This bag is a limited edition changing bag commissioned by Babycchinos London to celebrate the arrival of baby Archie. This bag is inspired by their Bucket zip family, this duffel bag has the same convenient free-standing frame which keeps the bag open, whilst you get in and out of the bag with one hand.’ 

It's absolutely gorgeous, and I love the gold detailing. 

It has loads of pockets to keep us organised, so I thought I'd share what we have inside...

In the big front pocket I keep the sun lotions. We have to apply frequently on Harry's birthmark, so it's always in easy reach.

I keep the changing mat in the back pocket at the back, and even though I may not be changing nappies whilst out anymore, it's handy when changing wet clothes in the boot etc.

The big middle section is where everything else is. The is 2 pockets on side, and 3 on the other, with also a zipped pocket. 

  • The zip pocket is where I pop my bits (tissues, paracetamol etc). 
  • Top - left to right, 1) we like the 'Dry Like Me' pads with a couple of oat snack bars, 2) many pairs of spare pants, and 3) huggies swim nappies.
  • Mid section - UV suits, spare leggings, first aid kit, beach powder, nappies (for naps) and wipes.
  • Bottom - left to right, 1) nappy sacks, and 2) Klean Kanteen straws, Alcohol gel and Mini-U Hairbrush.

And finally the side pockets are where we store the boys drinks, and snacks. They don't last long with my boys!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All items with a website link were items #gifted to me. They are NOT affiliate links.  

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