Sunday, 28 July 2019

What's in our changing bag? *Updated version*

As most of you are aware, we have been potty training the boys. Harry is super good, but Ollie isn't doing that well. I always thought we'd end up taking less out with us, but at the moment we're carrying the most in a long time.

We were kindly gifted a new cross-body duffle changing bag from Babycchinos. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I love the gold detailing. 

It has loads of pockets to keep us organised, so I thought I'd share what we have inside...

In the big front pocket I keep the sun lotions. We have to apply frequently on Harry's birthmark, so it's always in easy reach.

I keep the changing mat in the back pocket at the back, and even though I may not be changing nappies whilst out anymore, it's handy when changing wet clothes in the boot etc.

The big middle section is where everything else is. The is 2 pockets on side, and 3 on the other, with also a zipped pocket. 

  • The zip pocket is where I pop my bits (tissues, paracetamol etc). 
  • Top - left to right, 1) we like the 'Dry Like Me' pads with a couple of oat snack bars, 2) many pairs of spare pants, and 3) huggies swim nappies.
  • Mid section - UV suits, spare leggings, first aid kit, beach powder, nappies (for naps) and wipes.
  • Bottom - left to right, 1) nappy sacks, and 2) Klean Kanteen straws, Alcohol gel and Mini-U Hairbrush.

And finally the side pockets are where we store the boys drinks, and snacks. They don't last long with my boys!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: All items with a website link were items #gifted to me. They are NOT affiliate links.  

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