Wednesday 18 March 2020

How Our Story Developed

This is very weird.

Right, so the week before Christmas I downloaded an ovulation app. I decided that I wanted to start tracking my very irregular periods, so I could begin to try and work out when I ovulated. I popped in my dates, and it worked out that I had ovulated when Gav was on nights! I did joke with Gav that I may have a baby in my tummy, but I knew it hadn't happened when it really needed to. 

The app pushes notifications (and it emails) you daily to input every intimate detail. Physical, emotional etc. Since having the boys I've *roughly* had a 35 day cycle. I had input sore boobs, bloated etc, and the app said "2 days until you can do a test". I had some very old test strips so I thought what harm will it do, so I tried and it was a negative. The following morning I began spotting. That was it. It was over. I was surprisingly upset. More than I thought I'd be. We hadn't actively tried. It was all a bit silly. 

The spotting continued for the next 3 days. This was pretty normal for me. Of course the app continued popping up, and I was adamant to keep it up for the next month, so continued entering details everyday. The app then said "you should do a test". I was baffled! Why? So I grabbed another one of the cheap/ out of date dip sticks and did another test. It came back negative, and I threw it in the bin. Stupid app! Getting my hopes up again 🙄

That evening I was sorting the boys out in the bathroom, and looked into the bin. There was another line. I called Gav in, and he was shocked. Not for the reading, because I had told him nothing. He told me that it was 14 hours old, and unreliable. I agreed and that was that.

Overnight I went over and over it in my head. Again I knew I had a clear blue in the cupboard, but 18 months out of date. Those things are expensive, so I didn't have the heart to bin them. The next morning I used it before anyone was up. There is was Pregnant 1-2 weeks.
You can tell it was early.
I've had to put the brightest up to see it.
I gave it to Gav and told him to look. I told him I wanted to get to the supermarket and buy some that were in date. I remember reading that the morning is the best time to test, so I planned on leaving it. Gav was on nights, and I couldn't stop thinking about the tests upstairs. I picked up the +/- one and thought I'd give it a go. The + came up really quickly, and I text Gav a photo right away. 
It was really bugging me that the test before said I was 1-2 weeks, as this didn't match my dates at all. The following day I did the other test, and there it was Pregnant 3+. That made me feel so much better. 

*orignally written 17/01/2020*