Wednesday 19 December 2018

Big Boy Beds

Last weekend we took the very brave move to transfer the boys into toddler beds. I was keen to wait until we had moved house, but that day feels like it's never going to come. Harry has started climbing into Ollie's cot and it's too dangerous.
With finances being very tight at the moment, I was super lucky that these Eric beds came up on our local twins Facebook group.
We wanted to make sure that they looked at inviting to them as possible. We were kindly gifted the bedding from the wonderful Bloomsbury Mill. We already had a few grey star accessories so we went for that design. Do check out their website, as their prints are gorgeous. They wash up really well, and haven't needed to be ironed - winning!
My hesitation for moving them sooner came down to the fact that they would suddenly be free to run riot. We were keen to get a better monitor to keep a proper eye on them. I came across the Lollipop Camera. It's super clever, as it's able to literally attach to anything. As we are moving soon we have popped it onto a shelf, but will install more permanently in their new room. 

The image quality is brilliant, and viewable via the app. Check out this screenshot that appeared on my Facebook story. It was pitch black in their room. 
Overall the transition has gone surprisingly okay. They take a little longer to settle, but so far haven't tried getting back out of bed. Finger crossed this continues.

Thank you to both Bloomsbury Mill and Lollipop Camera for gifting us these products to review.