Monday 1 August 2016

The Nursery Is Coming Together

We decided on moses baskets, as we can fit them in our room initially. We got them from Argos "Clair de lune".

The rug was from Next. The colours are just so vibrant!

The O & H were also from next. Cute touch, plus hopefully we'll tell the kids apart!😏

The drawer unit was from Ikea. Perfect to house all the changing/washing bits.

The Mattresses were from Mothercare. Many many reviews later, I decided on some. We are just waiting on the John Lewis Cots to arrive, to pop them into!

My amazing hubby surprised me with this amazing wall art. I thought it would end in disaster, but it looks amazing. Plus the words are perfect as it's what we say... "Love you to infinity and beyond" *everyone pucks*...but I'm 7 months pregnant. I have an excuse to be gushy!