Monday 29 August 2016

Caesarean Section Advice

I searched the internet for C-Section advice, but really struggled to find good advice. 48 hours after my surgery, I removed my dressing whilst in the shower.  
All seemed to go well, until later when I was sat on my in-laws sofa and went to stand up.  The adhesive from either side the dressing had stuck to each other, and I was forced to pull it back apart.  I asked the hospital for advice. None of the midwives seemed to help, other than saying not to use talc, or anything fragranced. I trolled the internet for advice, and all I could find was tea tree oil, which I didn’t fancy trying that out... *STING*. 
That night I decided to use vaseline, and left the area to get as much air as possible. Thankfully it worked a treat! In the future, when in doubt vaseline it!