Monday 29 August 2016

Premature Baby Essentials

Due to the surprise early arrival, the contents of my hospital bag seemed irrelevant. First size nappies, Newborn outfits. All were way too big! My parents and in-laws were quickly sent on a mission to find premature clothing and nappies ASAP. The options are limited- VERY LIMITED! 
Pampers do ‘Micro Baby’ nappies, but they are pricey and tend to be exempt from any offers. They aren’t sold in all shops, but they managed to get hold of them in Boots and Mothercare. We tried all the other supermarket brands, but the only other one to do a tiny size is Boots own ‘0′. They are about as good as they get at £2.50 for a pack of 24. 
Asda online do some reasonably priced premature clothing, but they don’t seem to stock in store. Not great when you need stuff in a hurry! Tesco had a couple of onesies that were perfect, and Morrisons stated early baby, but they were still HUGE.  Unfortunately we had to bite the bullet and splash out in Boots. Boots items are expensive, but they are VERY good quality and have a good selection. 


I’d highly recommend purchasing one of Diono head supports designed for babies of low birth weight/ premature. They were a godsend for us when leaving the hospital with their new car seats. They looked supported and the neonatal midwives commented how good they were. We transfer them between our buggy and bouncers too! Vital piece of equipment in our household👍🏻