Thursday 18 August 2016

Our 10th (and Final) Scan (18 Aug '16)

The 18th of August was our final scan. They set the date for my c-section, and made me sign a whole lot of papers giving my consent. The date was 9/9/16!

When having babies early the mum is given 2 injections in her bum to encourage the babies lungs to develop. After the scan I had to go to the DAU for this.  I wasn't particularly nervous, until the nurse started explaining the pain after the injection. I rolled over to my side, pulled down my leggings, and she popped in the injection really slowly, asking me to wiggle my toes throughout. There were kids visiting their parents in the next bay, but all I wanted to do was swear. Instead a tear ran down my face. It was over! Then it literally felt like someone had kicked me on the arse! Gavin then said he'd read online it's pretty painful, but kept quiet as he didn't want to put me off. What's worse... I had to return the following day for the exact same thing in the other cheek, knowing what was coming!