Saturday 8 June 2019

We got approved 🎉

House Update:
As soon as we moved in, we got in contact with an architect to work with us to put our vision onto paper. If you have followed us for a while you’ll know that both our old house and new house are on the same estate. The estate sits under a covenants, meaning there are firm rules about changing the look of your property. Simple things like a loft conversion anywhere else would go through on permitted development, whereas we have to apply for full planning. Which we did on our previous house and got refused. After a long emotional battle we won it on appeal.

Due to our dramatic history I had been kind of dreading going through the whole process all over again, but in order to achieve our dream property, it was a step we needed to take.

We didn’t hang about. The drawings were tweaked a couple of times before quickly submitting. Our neighbours were contacted, and given the opportunity to raise their concerns, and signs were placed up for surrounding neighbours.

The 3 months have felt like a lifetime. We have been in a bit of a limbo not being able to get stuck in to certain tasks, before knowing the next. Our neighbours have been really supportive and excited for us, which was a huge relief.

Finally on Wednesday at around 5.30pm (after checking the online portal most of the day) the message changed to approved! We’re over the moon.. and a little shocked!

We now need to get structural drawings, but I thought I’d show a sneak peek of our plans...

The front of the house will be undergoing a BIG transformation. We are bricking up the existing open porch to the front, and adding a pitched roof to make it look aesthetically better. The existing garage area will become our future kitchen, and the new garage will be added to the side. The rear of the ground floor will add to our existing living room/ dining room area. I can't really picture the space in my head yet. Our existing kitchen will then become our utility room. 

The second floor will eventually become our master bedroom with ensuite. We are realistic enough to know that we are quite a way off of actually affording to do it. 

Our plan is to project manage the whole build. It will probably take us longer, but should save us some money! I hope you will continue to follow our journey. Be sure to subscribe to us :) 

 Thank you for reading!


  1. Ooo how exciting! I cant wait to see what it looks like. I'm looking forward to following the transformation xx

  2. Oh wow how exciting. Looking forward to seeing the updates xx