Sunday 25 November 2018

My hubby and his love of BBQs

If you know us well, you'd know that Gavin LOVES barbecues. When I say LOVE I mean it. We have lived together for 8 years, and every year he will buy at least one, sometimes three new BBQs! Apparently they all have their uses, but for as long as I have known him he has wanted Weber BBQ. I was never keen on him spending that much on a summer fad, so at the beginning of the spring I made a deal with him to sell his current hoard, and he could then purchase one. Well to my surprise, he began listing them on Facebook Market place, and people were snapping them up. 

He then got to buy his dream BBQ. We bought a Weber Spirit Gas BBQ.

He then was super lucky, and won a competition for a sear grate accessory (thanks again Riverside Garden Centre!)

Over the summer he began really taking a passion for cooking, and during our long heat wave we barely turned the oven on. Here's a selection of my favourites..

He bought a few more accessories to perfect some of his dishes. Luckily for him, we have Riverside Garden centre just up the road from us, and this shop is like a BBQ lovers dream! He has bought some weber tools, a griddle plate and even came across some reduced to clear stainless steel grills in the local garden centre at a rock bottom price! I've never seen him so happy.. He is now on the look out for a thermometer to help perfect his dishes! I didn't know that there were SO many different thermometers..

At the end of the summer he then also purchased the Weber Go-Anywhere coal BBQ (because he can't possibly just have one BBQ!)

I have to be honest though.. When I saw the BergHOFF bbq in orange in John Lewis I fell in love with it. If we were to have a big garden I'd like one of those, just because it's beautiful😂 (...bUT shhh don't tell the hubby)