Monday 29 April 2019

Let’s talk nappies!

Over the past 2.5 years it’s safe to say we have tried pretty much every nappy on the market.

When the boys were born they were tiny! Unfortunately we had very little choice but to buy Pampers size 0. Once the boys started to gain weight we were able to move onto the supermarket equivalents. Initially I loved Aldi’s and were such great value for money. We tried Sainsbury’s which were so poor I actually returned them! And Asda and Tesco were a middle of the road option.

As time went on and the fog of twins began to lift I became much more concerned about the sheer amount that we personally were putting into landfill. I knew reusable nappies weren’t an option. I was struggling to function at the best of times, and the boys allergies, reflux and then the 4 month stint of the rota virus meant I’d never keep up.

I then trialled the Kit & Kin nappies by Emma Bunton. They were biodegradable and had such promise. They were more expensive, but would make me feel less guilty. My goodness the were rubbish! They didn’t really fit around the leg, they frequently leaked, and sticking my washing machine on 6 times a day probably was counter productive.

I decided that I had to return to my previous options. As the boys became toddlers, their already skinny bodies got skinnier and no longer got on with the Aldi nappies, which meant Pampers size 4’s have been our go to for a long while now!

UNTIL we were asked to review Mama Bamboo’s biodegradable nappies. In all honesty I really was hesitant to risk the boy’s bedding, so I started with them during the day and not in the car seat! They held up really well. Then I braved an overnight. It held up to 13 hours with no leaks! I was actually really sad when the pack finished... but half as gutted as the boys, who adored the panda on the front!

If you are looking for a guilt free alternative to reusable cloth nappies, give these a try! I’ve just had a browse on their website at the subscription options:

Disclaimer: some of the items mentioned above were #gifted to me, in return for an honest review.

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