Saturday 9 March 2019

House Reno - Our Bedroom

This is our 'soon to be' master bedroom. Whilst that is being done, we are sleeping in the soon to be boys room. 

The walls were covered in wood chip wallpaper, and Artex on the ceiling. 

We ripped off the skirting, as we will be replacing with a slightly taller version. 
After removing all the wood chip *sorry, many, many, many hours removing wood chip*, we got  a plasterer in to skim the walls and ceilings. 

Plug switches are few and far between in this house. We got an electrician in to add a few more either side of the bed, and some where out television will be going. 

We have painted the walls and ceilings. We now need to rub down and paint the door, built in wardrobes and window sill gloss white. 

We also need to order carpets, and built in wardrobes. 

We have ordered a new bed, which is due for delivery in April. 

I'm super excited to get our space right.. but as soon as we have finished that room, it means its the boys room to do next! 😱AND MORE WOOD CHIP!