Wednesday 9 January 2019

Camping with the Craig's

In an effort to save money, Gavin convinced me that camping was the way forward. I've never camped before, nor do I have any desire to, but it is a passion for Gavin, and he'd love the boys to experience it. I've agreed to give it a go (twice(because the first WILL be a guaranteed disaster)), and then if I still don't like it it'll be boys trips from then onwards.

In great attempts to make my experience as great as it can be, Gavin has spent many an hour trawling the internet for the perfect equipment, at bargain prices.


We have gone for the enormous Vango Marna 600 XL 6 Person Tent. It has a zipped porch area at the front, perfect to safely storing the boys buggy, without taking inside the floored tent. And hopefully for summer evenings, sat in a chair sipping on dark fruits cider. 

The mid section, is the living space. And then to the rear in the bedroom. It can be separated into two rooms, for when the boys get older and want their privacy. Unfortunately the room dividers won't block out the snoring, or farting from the boys in my life!

This is it! We have also purchased the added Vango foot print (groundsheet) and Vango carpet, to make it homely.


Gavin knows that for me to stand any chance of enjoying the camping life, I need to get sleep. We got 2 x Double Air Bed and 1 x Single Air Bed. They are the EuroHike ones from Blacks, with a built in air pump. We tested them in our living room, and they seem alright!


We have brought two adult chairs, and two child chairs. We're still looking for a storage unit or some sort, along with a inflatable sofa, if anyone has any recommendations?


We have picked up a collapsable washing bowl/chopping board, water containers and crockery (all in the sale). Gavin's parents have an old cooker from when he used to go as a kid, which we have tested and it still works. Gavin treated himself to a Weber go anywhere BBQ, which will be perfect for rustling up a tasty dinner every night (we can even use it as a small fire afterwards.)

The Plan

Gavin and his family often went camping to Devon when they were younger. One of his friends has highly recommended a campsite in Dorset that he wants to try as well. 

Please drop us a message if anyone has any recommendations for good family orientated camp sites/equipment/tips!

Wish me luck....GULP!