Saturday 14 July 2018

The Craig's Take On Paris - Travel & Villages Nature

Last year I was obsessed with the idea of taking the boys to Disney World Florida; but after a horrific flight with the boys to Spain that idea went firmly out the window.

We then started debating options that we could possibly drive to. I was still keen to go to another country. After our fantastic Center Parcs experience last year, we started looking at their overseas locations. We then thought about do a two-centre trip, including a visit to Disneyland Paris, and then we looked for the closest Centre Parcs location to it. To our surprise there was one right next door to the Disney owned Davey Crockett. We completely stumbled across it. It's a third owned by Centre Parcs, a third Disney, and a third by another company. We would get the best of both worlds!

We then decided to take the ferry as it was a lot cheaper than the euro tunnel. The ferry was very dated, but it was fine for the hour we were on it for. The boys were so well behaved, which really surprised me. 

Checking in was easy. We were given wristbands that opened our villa door, and also did the swimming pool lockers.

The villa was wonderful. I'm very fussy, but it was immaculate. You could tell that it was relatively new, as the place was modern and showed no wear and tear. Unlike our usual villa's the place was set over two floors, which I actually preferred. I like putting the boys to bed, and having a drink downstairs. You are supplied the usual miniatures in the kitchen, to tie you over for a few days. Towels in the bathroom, bedding, and one loo roll for each bathroom. We were missing the highchairs on arrival, but when calling up they supplied within 30 mins. My only bug bare was that we specifically messaged them prior to us coming to ask whether the cots supplied were travel cots, as the boys find them uncomfortable and they are noisy when they move about. They sent us a message back saying that they have very comfortable mattresses, so it wasn't an issue. Of course when we arrived we got one wooden cot with a comfortable mattress, and one travel cot. 

On site they have the standard pool you'd expect, but it does have the added bonus of an outside too. The pool was fantastic, and the boys confidence came on leaps and bounds during our stay. The only shame thing was the fact that 2 or the 3 children slides were out of action during our whole stay. Every morning we would walk to the Boulangerie to get fresh Croissants and Pain au chocolates. 

The restaurants are minimal. Initially we were shocked, but then we realised that most people only stay one night as a base for Disney. I guess most families would either eat in Disney, or prepare things in their kitchen. The kitchen was the let down for us. The oven, was actually a microwave oven that was a nightmare to use. We brought prepared meals, in foil trays that of course couldn't be placed in there. We ended up using the hob instead. 

The supermarket was fantastic and we visited at least once a day. From previous Centre Parcs experienced, the onsite stores really rip you off. I usually take as much as humanly possible, so I don't have to buy anything. This on the other hand was much fairer. We brought a lot of wine! A bottle of Savinonge blanc was €3.60 so it would be rude not to.