Wednesday 23 May 2018

Exploring Hatfield Park Farm

With the boys now walking well, I am now trying to fill my Friday day off with a fun activity. Last week Gavin had to take annual leave, but this week his shifts worked out that he was off. The weather seemed nice, so we spoke through a few ideas and we decided to head to 'Hatfield Park Farm'. We have heard such good things about it, especially in conjunction with the very expensive and well known 'Willows Farm' not too far away.  The entry cost £5 for each adult, and under 3's are free. A bag of feed was also 50p.
Unknown to us the boys have a fear of farm animals... who knew? The were comfortable walking a meter away from the fence, but no closer!  The park is set up in a kind of lollipop shape, and you can feed most of the animal along the way. On route there is also fun little things to do. There are two large sandpits (the cleanest sandpits I've ever seen!) with diggers that the children can sit on and actually manoeuvre themselves. 
There is also a tractor themed slide, and climbing apparatus, but he has seen better days. A few mums were commenting on it, whilst we were playing on it. 
There was a little steam train that was available to ride on for an extra cost. We decision to take a ride on the tractor instead, mainly because it was included in our ticket. It did a large loop of the park seeing all the animals along the way. It was a bumpy ride, but a lot of run.
The only negative for the whole day was a local girls school were visiting too. The girls were just a bit old for it all. I'm so sensitive to those kinds of things. Especially around my tiny toddlers. I feel very overprotective! At one point one of the teachers had to suggest one of the girls got off one of the sandpit tractors above, so Harry could go on.
Keep your eyes peeled for another Friday family adventure!