Tuesday 26 September 2017

Cake smash on a budget!

When I very first had the boys I always had it in my head that I wanted to do a cake smash for their first birthday. As the months started to run away from me, I quickly started researching the cost of a shoot and prints. The cheapest I could find was £50, and that was plus the cost of the prints. 

We hadn't long splurged out on some gorgeous portrait photos, so I began to give up on the idea. We then won a competition that was to supply birthday party decorations and cake. I started scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. I eventually decided on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. I then started to think how awesome it would be to do a Mickey Mouse themed cake smash. I brought two £1 Victoria Sponge cakes from Home Bargains, and a tub of Betty Crocker's buttercream icing. The boys each wore a black vest, that I purchased from eBay; a pair of red shorts from Primark; and some Mickey ears (which they weren't keen on wearing). 

I completely emptied our dining room and set up the space accordingly. We popped one of the cameras on a tripod and we also used a handheld to record video. I have to say that it couldn't have gone better. They laughed... we laughed... cake got everywhere... a win! Yes you have a bit of mess to clear up, but the positives out way the negatives. 1. I was able to carry them straight into the bath and get them properly clean. 2. You get to decide a good mood day. 3. We all were relaxed. 

How many babies freeze up in a new setting, and encouraged to do the complete opposite with food thats usually encouraged? Everything including their outfits cost me less than £20! 

Go on.. give it a go yourself