Wednesday 14 June 2017

Weaning Essentials (Early Stage)

Vital baby - Spoons

I brought a HUGE haul of goodies from Vital Baby. I hadn't heard of them until last year, when I attended the Baby And Toddler Show in Sandown Park, Surrey. Then I took to their website, and got a little carried away!🙊 The spoons should be everyones staple product. We have LOADS of them. The boys love holding one each whilst I feed them, and it's really good for longer term encouragement. 

Food Storage Pots

Vital Baby - Press 'n' Pop Freezer containers are ideal for making your own purees and freezing. They are a perfect portion size. Some pots are HUGE! Also they don't take up a whole drawer in the freezer. 


I haven't yet given the boys a meal to fed themselves, so I haven't had to worry about the suctions, and some futuristic looking bowls. I've just been using very basic plastic ikea bowls. 6 for 90p! 

Tommee Tippee First Cup

The health professionals all say that babies should use a free flow beaker, rather than a non-spill one. They already appeared in my April favourites, and they are the perfect starter cup!
Ikea - High Chairs

I've already mentioned these in my April favourites post, but I LOVE them. They are really light weight, but extremely sturdy. They are easily dissembled for taking out etc. They have a little button on each leg that pushes in to connect the legs. 

We choose to add the support cushion extra. They support really well, especially as our boys don't sit up unaided yet. The covers come off and can go in the washing machine on a 60 degree wash. I pop over a radiator overnight and they are dry by the next morning. They can also be tumble dried!

For the multiple mums out there, they are stackable. Big thumbs up for us, in our small home. 

Ikea - Bibs

We have brought many many different types of bibs. We didn't get on with the plastic ones. The boys chew in the neck part, and their clothes get dirty.

I saw some reasonably priced bibs in Ikea, so I brought them as i thought they would have a good coverage of their outfits. They all brilliant! They again go in the machine at hot temperature, wash up really well, and dry quickly!

They are £1.80 for 2! One green and one orange. I only grabbed 2 packs, but next time I'm there I'll be grabbing more!

Ikea Baby Washcloths

I picked them up in Ikea, and they were only £3 for 10! They are so handy to just grab, wipe, rinse, repeat.  Then I stick them straight in the washing machine with a scoop of vanish and then come up a treat!

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

How can you really properly clean up after the destruction of two messy minis if you don't have a pack of Anti-Bac wipes at arms reach? Yes I'm a little OCD! 

Vax - Handheld Vacuum

I had no idea how messy the weaning process would be. Finger foods should be called suck and throw on the floor foods. Maybe even smear on face, hair, highchair, brother.. anything but actually eat something. I brought a cordless vacuum from Vax a few months ago, and the handheld came as a part of the package. I didn't really want it, but I'm so thankful that I now have it! We use it at every meal time to pick up food dropped on the floor. Everyone should have one in reaching distance of the table!

Vanish Spray

Before having the twins I'd never needed any form of stain remover as a part of my laundry detergents. Then the first explosive nappy arrived at 3 weeks old, and I realised that I needed to invest! The vanish spray was on offer, so I grabbed that as a trial. I can't believe just how amazing the vanish spray actually is. I need to grab another bottle soon!