Monday 6 February 2017

Caesarean Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist!

With knowing that there was a significant risk that I would go into premature labour I had my hospital bag packed from 30 weeks. I used Cow & Gate's list that was posted out to me, but it's available online here.  I really struggled to find a list for c-section births. I made some changes to my contents and learnt some things along the way...
  • Hospital notes - These were permanently in my handbag, as I couldn't take the risk in not having them with me at work etc.
  • Lots of change for the carpark - We actually noted the carpark costs at our various appointments, so we could let our family know how much they had to take. Also it's worth noting that if your baby ends up in special care ask if there is a pass for the carpark. We got a 4 weeks pass for less than 2 days parking.
  • Nightie, dressing gown and slippers - I'd add comfy pair of pyjama/tracksuit bottoms to that list. When I was being carted around the hospital I felt a little more comfortable. I also took a really old pair of slips that I could just bin as I left! 
  • Ipad and cameras - I checked and checked again that I had full charge and a memory card inserted. I even took 2 cameras, just in case! I also took an iPad, as I knew the hospital had free wifi. 
  • Phone Charger - If you have a power bank I'd recommend taking it.  Some of the midwives are funny about things being plugged in! Thankfully I had a side room, so they didn't really know. There wasn't a lot of socket though. We took a USB plug with 6 ports, so we could charge various items overnight.
  • Hairbands - I wanted my hair out of the way during the operation. They put a sexy hat on your head anyway!
  • Capri Suns and bottled water - Capri Suns are a drink I don't mind at room temperature which is why I took them with me. My mother-in-law brought in cold canned drinks the first evening, which was brilliant. 
  • Chocolate and crisps - The hours flash by over the first few days, especially if you have a child in Neonatal. Pack snacks that can give you boosts of energy. 
  • Bio-Oil - I has used it twice a day that whole way through my pregnancy so I wanted to continue that on.
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste - Pack 2! One for you and one for your partner. We brought 2 cheap ones, as we usually use electric.
  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash - Take olds you really love, not rubbish samples. That first post c-section shower is the best thing ever. Enjoy it! You may also be required to take off your dressings in the first shower.
  • Deodorant - I had roll on. A few people were spraying, and it gets down everyones throat! It might be worth packing something for your partner, so they can freshen up too. 
  • Dry Shampoo - I always use dry shampoo on the days I don't wash my hair.
  • Face wipes - For that first night when getting up and down is a mission!
  • Hairbrush
  • Concealer - By day 2 I had a few breakouts, just from lack of sleep and all the hormones. Being able to pop on a quick bit of concealer is handy. Some women had a full face of makeup. I couldn't be bothered with all that!
  • Towel and Flannel - I was unsure of whether the hospital would supply, but they don't. I also took a turbo towel, so I could walk back from the showers and sort my hair out sat down. I actually got my mum to brush mine out. 
  • Flip Flops - Perfect for use in the shower! You can pick them up for 90p in Primark!
  • Pillow / Cushion - My bed had one pretty flat pillow, and I like to be a bit more upright. Some people had feeding cushions. Also your partner isn't usually provided a cushion, so take something for them!
  • Clothes - COMFY COMFY COMFY. I recommend trousers that come at least to your belly button, and are easy to put on. I took my maternity leggings, but they weren't easy for someone else to put on me. I sorted out a number of old pairs of knickers that I could bin once worn. Unfortunately I hadn't considered the fact that they lay right on my fresh cut. I had to get some high waisted 'Bridget Jones Esq' knickers instead.
  • Nursing Bras
  • Breast Pads
  • Sanitary Towels
  • Baby Clothes - Vests, Onesies, Hat, Blanket, Muslins, scratch mitts. Nothing in my bag actually fitted, so I had to send relatives out *read previous post* 
  • Baby Changing - Nappies (8-10 per day), Waterwipes or cotton wool, disposable changing mat and Sudocrem
  • Cow & Gate ready-made formula - as I was unsure whether I wanted to breastfeed or not.
Remember to upload your photos onto Instagram with the hashtag #hospitalbagready for a chance to win a prize via Cow & Gate!