Wednesday 6 July 2016

Our 8th Scan & 1st Antenatal Class (06 Jul '16)

The 6th July is my mums Birthday, so I thought it would be special to take her along to our scan appointment. It was such a beautiful weather day, but my back was feeling close to breaking point. Thankfully the appointment was early, so I could go home and work from sofa for the rest of the day!  Gavin came and met me and mum at the hospital, as he was working.

As the babies were shown on the screen I could see my mums eyes well up with glee. Once again everything was perfect.... another week closer! By this stage I could tell that the consultant seemed genuinely shocked by how well they were doing. All the sickness, pain and sleepless nights must be doing something right!

That evening we had to attend our first Antenatal class. I was reluctant to go, as by the evenings I was so swollen and my back hurt so much, but Gavin convinced me it would be good to get more information. We went along and I felt so uncomfortable, plus we hadn't had dinner due to timings. Starving, Swollen, Achy pregnant woman is a lethal mix! Typically the midwife kept saying "oh I don't know, I'll have to find out!" No-one ever knows anything about identical twins!

After the 2 hours were up we headed for a well deserved MCDONALDS!