Wednesday 16 March 2016

Our Booking In Appointment (15 Mar '16)

My morning sickness was now in full swing. Gav picked me from work, and handed me a bottle of water. As quick as I was putting it in, I was throwing it back up again. I had my stash of nappy sacks in my handbag, and I certainly needed them. Gavin found a bin in the carpark to dispose of my sick.

I took the stairs as the idea of throwing up with others in a lift was horrendous!  I remember walking up to the desk to check in, and without having a say a word the reception said "Oh my goodness, are you okay? Please sit!" She sat me down, and checked me in, whilst Gavin explained how sick I had been. We had to walk across the corridor to the waiting room. I was still feeling extremely nauseous and had a stinking cold and chest infection! I was sick in the waiting room. I'd like to pretend I was embarrassed, but I felt too ill to care. We had our one to one with a midwife. She was a bit thrown by the fact we already knew we were having MCDA twins. Gavin came with a host of questions, whilst I used the wall behind my chair to prop me up. She realised I was really struggling, and arranged some anti-sickness medication.